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Alysa Slay

Creating a Dog-friendly Garden

Alysa Slay

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  • How to get your dog to potty in one spot
  • Dangerous plants/garden materials that can kill your dog if ingested
  • How to keep weeds under control without chemicals

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  1. Annette says:

    Thank you for your interview and the information you shared. Some of the things you shared are common sense, but it’s always good to hear it said, especially for those who don’t really think about all aspects of what they do. Had me laughing about having your dog pee by the tomatoes or the neighbor asking for you to bring your dog over to pee in their yard. hahaha funny! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Bonnie A Strub says:

    Hi Alysa,
    I love your common sense approach, which includes considering our dogs’ natural tendencies at the planning stage… plus realistic training to guide their less desirable behaviors.
    Two and a half years ago we bought two acres with a pond next door to our youngest son and his family. The house we’re building is nearly completed and we are raising mor of our food needs on the property each year. You are so right about zones and the development time factor. Building the soil requires patience, but is finally beginning to pay off. (Comfrey for “chop and drop” is probably our biggest help in that area.)
    Our elder dog (18) loves charging through the doggie yard gate, tearing across the field, having a joyous roll in the grass and then checking out what we’re up to and hanging out with us while we work. She is a wonderful companion, always ready for an adventure beyond the gate with us and fully enjoys the feeling of being outside off leash… previously not possible in the town we moved from. You are so right about garden pathways. She loves following wood chip paths and learned to stay away from newly planted areas lightly mulched with hay. Once the plants grow in, the paths are the only open space, but reward training for staying on the paths was needed to make that work during early growth,
    Fully implementing our plans will take several more years, but meanwhile, we are enjoying the process. I can tell you are too.:)

  3. Amelia says:

    Green grass is a must for my diva dog to roll and rest on :-). She loves to do her duty in taller growth or in ground cover or on mulched leaves in the side lot…and then covers it if she can.
    I’d love to come to summer or fall camp…fantastic idea!

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