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Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

Dogs, Cancer and Hospice Care

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

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  • When to know it’s time to say goodbye
  • Options for keeping your dog pain free
  • Why monthly body scans are important for your dog’s health

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  1. Marianne says:

    I very much enjoyed the presentation. I can tell you, that, being in the medical care profession, Dr V laid it out simply and to the point of what most pet owners need to know. Blaming the food or environment or breed is not helpful to an owner whose pet has cancer. They need to be informed about what they can do for the comfort and care of their pets moving forward. That was the take home message. It’s a shame so many people missed that….

  2. Jan says:

    Agree with Debbie’s comment. Lymphoma Society years ago at the Comprehensive Cancer Conference sponsored by National Institute of Health and American Cancer Society said the herbicides we put on our lawn were contributing to cancer in our dogs. We know that genetics play only small role in human cancer and diet, lifestyle and chemicals are the major factors with human cancer.

  3. Debbie says:

    This Vet was so lost on cancer. Genetics plats a very very small portion of cancer. it is DIET!!!!! I just finished watching 20 hours of truth about cancer and i learned a ton of stuff. this Vet is FAR FAR from knowing what cancer is all about. It is the FOOD, the chemicals. I did not finish this video cause it was awful. she was wrong on detection as well. very uneducated on this topic. chemo and radiation gives you cancer. its proven documented facts. there are NATURAL TREATMENTS. I dont want to hear from a conventional vet which clearly this lady is.

  4. Darlene says:

    We need to do what is best for the pet. Our heartbreak and feeling the lose of a pet is not the issue. I can’t even image giving one of my pets chemo or radiation. I would keep an eye on her and if she was having more bad days than good ones I would have her put down. There is no reason she needs to suffer at all. I have a little terrier mix who had distemper. I gave her vitamins, minerals and herbs and she is now 19 years old and every vet I have been to is pleasantly surprised she is doing so well. She never mentioned prevention only aggressive procedures to keep the pets alive for a little longer. It that for the pet or the family. You always do what is in your pets best interest and we have to keep our feelings of wanting the pet around for longer out of the picture.

  5. Nancy says:

    While I do appreciate the time spent giving this information, and Dr. V seems very intelligent — I am disappointed that I listened/wasted an hour of my time because the talking points are listed as “When to know it’s time to say goodbye” which was NOT discussed — just basic ‘want to make sure they are comfortable and happy’ which is common sense — and the other topic listed as “Options for keeping your pet pain free” which again was NOT discussed – besides ” think of trying Hospice Care” — which in my area isn’t offered.
    I was hoping more specific insight in to knowing when it is right to say goodbye and more specific things we as pet owners can do to keep our pets pain free…
    I wasted an hour of my valuable time.

  6. Amelia says:

    There are so many variables to cancer and the treatment outcomes. I would choose alternative treatments and hospice care if any of my pets were diagnosed with cancer. I was surprised to hear the term “cure” used repeatedly when everyone in human medicine is still looking for the cure. Thank you. Dr. Jessica has an awesome website. 🙂

  7. Linda says:

    Why does it cause thousands of dollars to put a dog to sleep with a lethal injection? Is it partly to dispose of it?

  8. Tere Todd says:

    Your discussion and answers to questions were enlightening and thoughtful. It made me realize There isn’t any correct answer to what do you do with a cancer diagnosis. I probably held onto my two pet losses, but I sat hours just holding them. I treasure those memories and their lives. I hope the idea of hospice care spreads quickly through the USA. My vets are terrific and helped with pain and other ideas on the subject. They even cried with me when the final cry came. Thank you for taking the time to do this program.

  9. janice says:

    if you dont really know why dogs get cancer then you cant really be telling people who have got dogs with cancer that it is not their fault, even though it is kind to say.

  10. Karen says:

    A lot of helpful info, however holistic approaches were missing.

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