About us

We are Happy Healthy Dog, a happiness and wellbeing company for dogs.

We understand the deep love and companionship that dogs bring to our lives, and we believe that every moment with our dog is precious.

Our mission is to help our dogs enjoy healthier, happier and longer lives together.

Rufus & Henry

This is Rufus, and for a little while he was literally what got me out of bed in the mornings after an unexpected redundancy. When my partner left for work, Rufus and I would have breakfast together and I would spend a couple of hours looking for jobs. Then we would have a walk to clear my head before heading home to submit applications. Then another walk in the afternoon as a reward to both of us. 

That was just one stage on the journey that has led us here but the love, friendship and comfort Rufus gave me can’t really be put into words but it’s just one reason why I want my ‘little buddy’ to be a part of my family for as long as possible.

Louie & Jess

This is Ludwig, or Louie for short. I’ve always been a dog lover and knew the kind of love and joy having one would bring. It took a long time for me to convince my other half of the benefits of having a dog but realistically our lives were very busy and travelled quite a bit for work. Then, when Covid hit, I knew that it was the perfect time for Louie to come into our lives. 

Little did I know how much Louie would impact my life - especially at a time when mental health was taking a toll as we were unable to travel to see our families abroad, he got me out of bed, created a routine and took me on many walks. He’s my best friend and gave me a new understanding of love and happiness... and for that, Louie (and all dogs) deserve to have the happiest, healthiest and longest life!

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